Halloween Festivities 2009

Happy Halloween! I hope y’all had the best of the best day of the year. Festivities for us actually started the night before when we  went to see  F.W.  Murnau’s  1922 classic, Nosferatu, accompanied by a musical arrangement by the Devil’s Music Ensemble.

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Fence Finally Finished Fabulous Flat Finials

Taking advantage of a rare beautiful weather day, I got out and finally finished the fence. This meant fashioning some gate latches with the scrap lumber I had left and then putting up some decorative trellis like pieces over the main gate. And then onto the final section of work. The finials.

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September 3, 2009 Miracle: Zoey

Congratulations to my son, Matt and his wife Sue who have had their first. Her name is Zoey,  7 pounds 4 ounces, everything intact and healthy and ready whoop it up.

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Necon 29: Something Different for and to Everybody

Necon 29 has come and gone! The economy apparently kept the attending numbers a bit lower however it seems to me that this actually worked in favor of the convention as things seemed a little bit closer and more personal than usual.  All in all, everything went pretty smoothly.

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Baronial Championships at 11th RI Highland Games Festival

Once again the Highland Scottish games have passed and what an event! This year amidst a backdrop of continuous bagpipes and cannon fire, the Barony of the Bridge’s finest competed to be  baronial champion of their intended class. 

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A Fence for May

With the arrival of Daisy, a.k.a. Little Bit, we found that our 4 foot chain-link fence did not pose a challenge whatsoever to her. She simply walked over, gathered her haunches underneath her and bounced to the top edge of the rail. Perching there momentarily, she gazes about and then drops to the other side. Then she’s off to investigate those interesting birds bathing in the pothole down the road, chasing that squirrel or just saying hello to a person now quaking in terror and she wiggles most terribly in all her exuberance.

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April Culmination Blog Entry

The April Culmination Blog Entry, a nice cheap easy way to write a quick note about what happened this month and how it flew by all too fast.

     The Bunny Hop Revue was a wonderful success! Manuela’s efforts in combination with all the performers who gave of their time and skill were able to scare up $500  to benefit Amy Budd’s upcoming play, The Thing That Ate My Brain…Almost. 

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The Bunny Hop Revue: Burlesque Bunnies for Brains

And now an important announcement!!It will be easiest to paraphrase Manuela’s “rallying the troops in a good cause letter”.

Once again I find myself organizing an event for a cause near and dear to my heart. My friend, the fabulously talented Amy Lynn Budd, has written & produced a play called “The Thing That Ate My Brain….Almost”.

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Louisiana Flower Becomes New Pack Member

Chance passed away about a month and a half ago and his presence and the life he imparted to the house has been sorely missed. As this is a two dog house, a space was open for a new member. That new member, Daisy, arrived last weekend.

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Older than Dirt and Kid Zombie Vid

Interesting news from the spawn front. I am now officially older than dirt as my eldest son, Matthew,  and his lovely wife are going to be three instead of two. Grandpa? Ouch!!

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