Who I Am

My name is Rick Sardinha and I am a professional illustrator/fine artist living and working in Rhode Island. My artistic influences are too many, however, my primaries would be have to be Gerome, Pyle, Sargent, Herriman and Herge. Take that and mix in a big dash of pulp art. My passion is to create and I would rather do it with traditional media especially oils. However, I have no problem creating purely digital work and in truth a large portion of my commercial work lately seems to be a mish mosh of different disciplines. The route doesn’t matter so much when it is service of the visual image.


Who We Are

The not so obvious truth is that no man is an island. I could have never gotten as far as I have if had not been for the support of my lovely wife, Manuela. I am also fortunate to have a number of really good friends and family members who have helped to grease the rails. So it is in, actuality, who we are. Cheers, mates!

Studio Denizens

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