About the Mausonian

The Mausonian Museum is a celebrated and notorious collection of ancient and biological artifacts, terrestrial and otherwise. It has been in existence for over 150 years and is known by scholars and collectors as the most extensive museum of ‘the curious ephemera’. The Museum’s current physical location is on the southern most peninsula of the largest island in the Sovereign Territories of Mu. The museum houses a small permanent staff and the current curator is Ambrose Mauson. Mr. Mauson’s days are filled with cataloging and maintaining the collections. His weekends are filled with visiting friends and friends of friends. Friends being welcome, tourists not so much.

Tourism within the Sovereign Territories is actively discouraged by the government and these laws are enforced by local authorities on a case by case basis. The Sovereign Territories are one of the few truly pristine places left and they want to keep it that way.

A set of these laws can be obtained for a small fee. For a more substantial donation, a catalog of known smugglers can also be obtained. This is advisable for your own protection if you are ever within the Sovereign Territories. The Smugglers Catalog also includes a full color, laminated supplement about the Mausonian. The front covers the museum and its rich history. The back has an extensive menu of the current collection and viewing times. For convenience, a donation rate chart is included. All this information is presented as if the museum was indeed open and not following local tourism statutes to the letter.

If you are interested in not being a tourist within the Sovereign Territories, then the government’s suggestion is to obtain a set of the written laws. This will help alleviate procedural misunderstandings. For non-tourist options serving the lower peninsula, the local constabulary is more than capable of handling your needs. Both the rules and the Smugglers Catalog may be obtained by writing to: His Excellency, Louis Renault, Chief of Police, Lower Peninsula, Main Island, UG 8806.