First 1/12 Scale Diorama

In process of making a 1/12 scale diorama. It is a ruined section of wall. It will have a door and window setup that I hope to do in leaded window style. If i can pull that off it should really help to sell the illusion. I will be posting a lot of pictures of process. Nothing I am doing here is fabulously weird. I expect the pictures will pretty much speak for themselves. However, if’n you see something mysterious that you cannot fathom and want to know, drop me a line.

This is the first of many posts about this project as it has a bit of a different ending in mind.

Material: 1/8 inch luan, tongue depressors, 1 inch pink foam, lo-temp glue, wood putty

Older Mask, New Life

I had a mask that I created awhile back that ended in an odd way. As I was creating, I was also trying a bunch of ideas on it. The procedures went along fine and I gained some new insights. The parts however ended up better than the whole. It was painted, sealed and left stored out of the way, not really happy with it. I figured, I could always cannibalize the horns or other various bits in service of something else.

Months floated by an idea of what to do with it came to roost. So back onto the work table. Some power tools and a lick of paint later and Manuela now has a new mask. Paper and acrylic paint.

Back on the Goat Mask

What with the buckets of fun life has been throwing at me, I finally found the time to stop dodging and actually get back to work on this project. I like starting early on things as something always gets in the way. This isn’t actually needed till late November but y’all know how that goes. Anyway, I finished the sculpt.



Casting the ears was going to be a real mess considering how I was planning on casting up the mask so I needed to get them off. However, it is so warm, the clay is terribly soft. Attempting to remove the ears would deform them way too much and I would lose the good fit needed at construction time. So I tossed that problem into the dark room in my brain where the things skitter about afraid of the light when I open the door. Several hours later, a note was slipped under the door with an invoice. It read: refrigerator in cellar. Yes! So I placed the sculpt into the unused fridge in cellar and plugged it in. Next day it was rock hard.


I was able to cut the ears free from the form and the rest of sculpt with barely minimal damage. Yay! I then set up sculpt for ease of construction later on with base areas to replace where ears sit and built a dam wall for silicone that will be covering it all very soon. More to come but right now I have to find a way to pay this damned invoice.